Readings & Links

Readings and Supplementary Materials for the Workshop will be found in this section, and updated daily.

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1 – Assigned Readings

Talk That Music Talk (Bruce Sunpie Barnes and Rachel Breunlin) Excerpts/Assigned Chapters:

  • Jerome Smith
  • Fred Johnson, Jr.
  • Black Men of Labor
  • Doratha “Dodie” Smith Simmons
  • Benny Jones, Sr.
  • Kenneth Terry & John Michael Bradford

Talk That Music Talk For the Classroom: A Teacher’s Guide to Music, Culture, and Social Justice in New Orleans (Bruce Sunpie Barnes, Rachel Breunlin, and Richard Johnson)

The New Orleans Brass Band Tradition (Dr. Michael White)

The Nineteenth Century Origins of Jazz (Lawrence Gushee)

Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas (Rebecca Solnit & Rebecca Snedeker, Editors)






2 – Relevant Online Articles / Informational Text

Congo Square – article by Freddi Williams Evans on 64parishes.org

New Orleans Music – Tulane online course online content from Matt Sakakeeny (Thursday workshop faculty), with many linked suggested readings, photos, links and songs. Chapters include:

  • Congo Square
  • Jazz Funerals and Second Line Parades
  • Creole and Concert Music
  • Traditional Jazz
  • Church
  • Mardi Gras Indians
  • Rhythm and Blues
  • Piano Professors
  • Soul and Funk
  • Hip-Hop
  • Modern Jazz
  • Contemporary New Orleans

The Creation of Jazz in New Orleans – Tulane online course content from Bruce Raeburn, former Curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive (retired).

Gender, Archives and Musical Culture –  Tulane online course content from Susan Tucker

Louisiana Women in the Civil Rights Movement – Article on 64 Parishes by Shannon Frystak

Jim Crow and Segregation – Article on 64 Parishes by Nikki Brown



3 – Film and Video

All on a Mardi Gras Day (2003) – Director Royce Osborn, Big Chief Tootie Montana

Beware the Skull and Bone Gang (2019 – The Atlantic)