Hello, NEH Summer Scholars!

Welcome to the area of the Workshop Website reserved for NEH Summer Scholars! As we are mindful of environmental impact, this will be a paper-lite workshop, and we will use this area of the site to communicate initial orientation information, and later to provide a full schedule and readings that will be posted throughout the workshop week as supplementary materials to workshop content.

Please review the information below carefully:

1)  We can’t wait to meet all of you this coming Sunday, July 7th from 5:00-6:30 PM for registration, campus orientation and a welcome reception! We will meet on the Tulane Campus at the Barbara Greenbaum House (the workshop dorm, Building 71 on the campus map).

2) Today, take a few minutes to review the Orientation Tab with all the information you need to get you set up for arrival in New Orleans. Please carefully review the PDF and all embedded links, then reach out if you have any additional questions. The tab includes:

  • Detailed Workshop Logistics Sheet
  • Housing and Meals Info Sheet
  • Campus Map PDF (the best interactive campus map can be found online here: https://admission.tulane.edu/map
  • Revised Block Schedule – please note that the times on this are not exact; you will receive a detailed day-by-day schedule when you arrive.

3) For now, there are a few things to which we would like to ask you to respond by this Sunday, July 7th:

  • Please visit the Hogan Jazz Archive site and investigate a bit. In preparation for our visit to the archive on Wednesday, please let us know if there are archival materials you are interested in seeing, or specific questions you have for the archive staff. Consider the intersections of New Orleans Music, Culture and Civil Rights – but feel free to follow your own curiosity or lines of inquiry! https://jazz.tulane.edu/. To respond with your interests and questions, please email musicrising@tulane.edu, and use the subject line: Hogan Jazz Archive.
  • Review the reading posted so far, a PDF on Ethnography from the Talk That Music Talk Curriculum (a resource to frame our interviews with Culture and Tradition Bearers over the course of the week). More readings will be posted in the coming days and as supplements to each day’s lectures and experiences during the workshop.
  • Note that all facilities on campus are ADA-compliant, but we may be visiting historical sites at which there are accessibility issues. Please carefully review the workshop schedule in the Orientation Packet and contact us as soon as possible regarding any accommodations you may require on campus, on walking tours, or at sites we visit.
  • If you are on Facebook, please join the closed Facebook Group, 2019 NEH Summer Scholars – New Orleans: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2383126381753041
    • Please take a moment to introduce yourself to your colleagues, and feel free to use this space to coordinate travel from the airport or other logistics.
    • This page is currently for WEEK TWO (July 8-12) participants, but WEEK ONE participants will be added after July 15, expanding this community of learners after the completion of both workshop weeks.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Best Regards,

The Workshop Team